Z77 Sabertooth or Maximus V Formula?

So I've been looking at buying a new motherboard for a while now and I've finally managed to get it down to between these 2.

Want to keep the price down but the Formula board is still within range. It's something like £50 more expensive than the Sabertooth.

Going to be most likely watercooling my system and overclocking the 3770k that I'll be getting with it. I just need some second opinions on the advantages of forking out the extra cash for the Formula board and if it's really worth it.

If anyone has anything else to add please feel free to say so!

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  1. I also hesitated between these two and ended up buying the Sabertooth (having a few issues now but hopefully will sort it out soon)
    Since you consider watercooling (which is not my case) the Formula might be easier to work with since it doesn't have the thermal armor (might interfere with a few components as I heard) + it has a few interesting perks.
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