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First time asking a question here so I don't know if I have the category correct. I have logged on to our remote computer at work with my laptop via a VPN. When the remote desktop comes up the desktop is so big on my laptop screen that I have to scroll to even see the start button at the bottom of the screen. Can anyone think of why this may be happening? My desktop on my laptop in normal mode is just fine and I can switch between screen and it is still fine, yet the remote desktop is still huge.


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  1. The resolution on your remote computer is higher than your laptop. When you bring up the remote desktop connection, click on the more options button, then click on the display tab.. You can adjust the resolution from here to avoid the scrolling.
  2. That was the solution. It was the first time that I logged into the remote desktop with my new computer and the RD resolution was not set correctly.

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