SOL? Gtx 560 TI Resistor broke?

Hi, So I was taking off the heatsink off my gtx 560 TI and a resistor popped off. I still have it. I tried soldering if but I suck at soldering. So I ended up burning some of the pcb or making it oxidase.
So am I sol? Or can I have someone whos good at soldering solder it and be okay. Thanks
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  1. Hello and Welcome,

    I would say, you try plugging in the GPU and test it, (play hard games and make a good load on the GPU) and check temperatures. If everything run okay so i guess you should do nothing.

    Second option, it can be soldered normally. If you can't do it just go to any electronics/hardware maintenance shop and it should be done easily.
  2. Turns out it works fine. I just ran it to install new windows for my new hardware and stuff that came in today (1090T (: and motherboard). Then I gave it to my friend so the people at his school that know how to weld *** can do it.
  3. So you're good to go as nothing happened.
  4. FYI, that's a capacitor, not a resistor. It's paralleled with C696 as a filter. The card might run without one of them. I'd try it under load to make sure it's stable (use Furmark or something like that). And those parts are not welded on, they're soldered. And unless you perform the repair on an ESD-safe workstation with a grounded soldering iron, you could end up killing the card. It's not a hard repair, it just needs to be done properly and carefully. A reputable local electronics repair shop should be able to do it fairly inexpensively.
  5. Wow, you sure are lucky you didn't completely ruin your card.

    I hope you learned a valuable lesson from this...

    Looks like your warranty is void too.
  6. I got it used the I had no warrenty. Also it got solder back on and its still kicking like it did before no worries (:
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