ASUS Z77 Sabertooth no post (once again sorry)

Hi all,
I'm totally desperate for a solution here.
Just put up a new PC together:
Asus Z77 sabertooth mb
i7 3770 cpu
Corsair Vengeance 8gb ram
Corsair HX750 psu
Asus gtx670
1ssd + 1hdd
blue-ray reader

The system will not post whatsoever. In fact I tried a few tricks but the result is always the same:
Basically, the system starts - power led on - cpu led checks ok + cpu fan working - ram checks ok & then the vga led stays on for a few seconds & the system shuts down... while the system shuts down the cpu led blinks once and the psu makes a click noise (see vid)
I tried:
-No GPU / SSD / HDD or drive boot
-Swapping ram in all slots / 1 or 2 sticks at a time
-No RAM boot
-No fans connected to the mb

Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi, Did the system post?
    Two ideas:
    -power supply issue (try borrowing one and test) or
    -CPU cooling issue (try cleaning the old thermal paste, reapplying new one and test again).
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    No post whatsoever.
    At first I thought there was an issue with the socket or the CPU itself so I reinstalled it and cleaned the basic paste in the process. Also there are no bent pins in the socket so doubt its cpu or socket related.
    Hmmm I'll give it a try with another PSU, if it's not working I'll probably stop by a service center this afternoon.
    Will update after psu test.
  3. I no you said you tried no GPU/SSD/HDD, but did you try it just without the video card? as in if you remove just the video card and go HDMI to your monitor, does it post?
  4. ubercake said:
    I no you said you tried no GPU/SSD/HDD, but did you try it just without the video card? as in if you remove just the video card and go HDMI to your monitor, does it post?

    Yeah I gave it a try without the gpu... all possible combinations I think, gpu only, no gpu hdd, no gpu ssd, ssd hdd no gpu, the result is all the same unfortunately
    I'll give it a couple of tries and then take it to service center. I don't have a spare psu nearby so maybe its power related.
    I'll post if something comes up.
    Thanks guys!!
  5. It sucks when the problem is power or motherboard related. One thing you can do that might save you the cost of the service center is to buy a less expensive power supply that has enough juice to allow you to run the system. In your case a decent 300W power supply would be enough to allow you determine if it's a PSU problem (try it without the 670 in the system, of course) and end up cheaper than a service call. If it is the power supply, corsair is really good about getting a new one out to their customers quickly.

    If you can't boot with a new PSU, you're culprit may be the mobo or processor. I had an issue with a motherboard once. It drove me to the edge of insanity. It's the last thing you want to have to deal with on a new build because it means you're pulling the whole darn thing apart. In your case, since it is new, you should be able to set up a warranty claim or return it to the vendor.
  6. Yeah, I'll definetly try to borrow a psu before heading to the service center. Hopefully it'll save me some money and time. Corsair psus are definetly solid, I had a one in my previous build and it's still kicking in my brother's build (it's been almost 3 years).

    The whole thing s been driving me nuts since Monday... had 3 straight 4 hour sleep nights now hah

    Just got hold of the service center & they said there will be no charge for testing the mb since it's been less than 14 days from purchase. Will update soon.
  7. Any updates with this? I running into the exact same issue. driving me mad!!
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