Antec 902 v3 cable management

Hi, I have a question about cable management in my Antec 902 v3 case. I managed to get the 8-pin aux cpu cable behind the motherboard tray so that it comes back at the top (where the connector on the mono is).

However I do have a concern: my motherboard tray has a hole in the CPU socket area (I guess for managing back plates for coolers), and the aforementioned cable, while it doesn't go through this hole, it does "touch" the motherboard because of it. So my concern is that when I put the side of the case, it will press the cable against the motherboard and maybe damage it (even though it will not push so hard, because there is some room left; it's only this cable that bothers). Is it a valid concern or I just ignore this issue? I don't want to get an extension cable if it's not necessary.

I cannot attach a picture :(
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  1. I did the same thing on my Antec 300 but I used a cable extension. Pics are in thread. I also ran all my case connectors and fan extensions behind the board (and I don't have a cutout so I know it's touching). If your rig is a mobile one (lan parties, etc..) than I would say it's probably not a great idea since you are moving it a lot and wires can rub and wear. If it is a home PC than I don't think we have anything to worry about unless the cable insulation magically comes off since the computer is stationary.
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