1723 open on routers but cant telnet from internet address

I have small business server 2003 setup as a DC and did not install exchange, i use hosted exchange. i am trying to setup vpn and have opened port 1723 on both of my router. my network routes through a wireless router( (port 1723 forwarded to .1.104) to a second wireless router ( to my server with two nic cards (.2.2 - external and .2.103 - internal) (port 1723 forwarded to .2.2) i can telnet 1723, .2.103, .1.104 - my ip of my second router handed by the first router. my server in handling dhcp and it is disabled on my .2 router. I CAN NOT telnet my public ip handed to 1.1 from the ISP(my internet IP). it tries for about 30 secs and dies.

when i set up "Configure Remote Access" from the "to do" i used the public ip issued from the ISP. I then setup RAS.

I can also telnet the server name that resolves to .2.103.

i am stumped now. i called the ISP and they say no ports are blocked on there end. any help appreciated!
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  1. Sounds like one of your routers may not be configured correctly. Why two routers?
  2. i have a wireless repeater setup(not like from best buy- extended signal 700'). i have my network setup on .2 and .1 only has internet, not connected to domain.
  3. So the internet is connected to the router A with This router connects to the router B with IP The server connects to Router B via both NICs?

    Just trying to get a picture of the physical layout. Also, is anything else besides router B connected to Router A?
  4. yes. router a gives router b 1.104. then router b uses internal 2.1 and the server handles dhcp for the .2 subnet
  5. im thinking of buying a cheap new linksys to test. i read somewhere about firmware issues on old routers and it is pretty old.

    P.S. i love the name..... lol
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    What types of routers are Router A and B? Is it possible to change the .2.103 NIC on your server to .1.103 and connect it to Router A so that your "External" nic is connected directly to your Public facing router? Then you could change your Port forward to go to .1.103 instead of having to pass it to Router B and then pass it again to the server...
  7. okay, replaced the router and now i can telnet my internet ip with port 1723. now i can VPN inside the lan but not from outside. i have a wireless cell card that i am using as an outside internet access.
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