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I'd like to know what are the graphic cards compatible with Intel DP55WB motherboard. I'm looking forward at Nvidia GeForce GTX670 so I'd like to know if that would work on my motherboard.
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  1. Intel DP55WB is the LGA1156 MB, it has the pcie2.0x16 slot, so the gtx670 will work with that MB.
  2. Yo thankx a lot man!
    but the other thing is the 6 pin power consumption pin..I havnt fully understood it. Is it something from the motherboard or just the Garphics card. Currently I got Geforce 9500GT.
  3. Because the gtx670 need more power so that you need plug in the 6 pin one into the GPU only (not for the MB) that should come with most gtx670.
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