Questions about my new mobo/cpu.

Alright, im planning to get this:

intel core i5 2500k

Will i be able to overclock my cpu and run my gtx560 later in SLI mode with a 850 psu ?
Will this mATX board fit in my bitfenix merc beta case ?
Should i update my bios after i install the OS on my new SSD.

Is there anything i should know before installing this new mobo, cpu and corsair 90gb ssd ?
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  1. e// My corsair vengeance ddr 2x4gb isnt on the memory support list. Should i be worried ?
  2. DDR3?

    I would go with a full atx motherboard, the matx boards do not overclock as well and generally don't have enough spacing for sli/crossfire.
  3. Why matx boards dont overclock well ?
    also... if you look at the mobo specifications, it says it has SLI ... why wont it fit ?
  4. MATX boards have less quality components, there are also less spacings between the pcie slots which can cause heat problems or the chance of your cards not fitting.
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