6870 Crossfire suddenly low FPS

i5 2500k stock (Waiting on cooler)
MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3)
8GB Corsair Blue memory
XFX 6870 1GB two in crossfire
SeaSonic 1000W 80+ Platinum
1TB WD Caviar Black 64MB cache
Corsair 500R

30FPS in BF3 ultra (used to get 60 all the time)
40FPS in wow (Used to get 60)

Vsync on in both games antistropic filtering 1x in BF3 GPU1 runs cooler than GPU2 which used to be the other way around...
sometimes GPU1 isnt being used 100% only like 60% or more. Maybe its my motherboard you guys know anything about it and its bios power savings or something maybe?
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  1. First thing I'd suggest is a complete driver reinstallation. Uninstall the old ones, do a driver sweeper, and then reinstall the latest drivers on a clean plate. Make sure to also install only the newest CAP at this time as well.

    If that doesn't work we'll try to figure something else out.
  2. I actually just finished reinstalling windows completly to narrow it down more? who cares it took 30mins installed while I took shower heh... I am currently downloading BF3 to test out DL speed 12MB's shouldnt take long heh

    I just noticed windows trying to install drivers for the past 15mins its called "Xeon E3-1200/2nd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor Family PCI Express Controller - 0105" does that mean that my 2nd PCI slot maybe wasnt working without those?
  3. Hmm... well I don't know why it would go for the "Xeon" drivers.

    I do however suggest you take a look at the Intel website and download the latest chipset drivers. FYI sometimes the installer doesn't want to install everything, so you might want to do this right off the bat: create a desktop shortcut to the installer, and after the "C:/blahblahblah/installer.exe" type -all (this would be in the shortcut's properties window)
  4. I actually fixed my problem in BF3 but I noticed my cards arent being used 100% both were at 68% GPU usage is it supposed to be like that? the stuttering and FPS dips are completely gone now.
  5. If you're using Vsync then yeah it's possible. If you're able to output 100fps, vsync caps you at 60fps so your usage will drop.

    Glad to hear the stuttering is gone. What do you think was the fix?
  6. I just watched some youtube vids of people getting 70+ FPS in ultra with 16x filtering using two of these cards and I am not getting that FPS more like 30-45 something cant be right here please help! I am thinking of sending these back to amazon and get maybe twin frozr III 6870HAWK??
  7. I just did some testing with both cards and both PCI slots... both cards ran the game on ultra in 30fps average no FPS dips nothing tested both single cards in PCI slot 1 same thing for slot 2 but with two cards I get FPS dips now like crazy from 35-60 with V sync off 35-90 what can the problem be? Maybe I have to change something to my PCI from bios? I have clickbios II from MSI.
  8. That's pretty comparable to my framerate with my CF 5850s in BF3. I just notice that the FPS drops in accordance to a drop in 1 of the GPU usage. I've seen this in other games before and it's usually fixed with a driver update (from AMD). Sometimes it just needed a driver reinstallation but that doesn't seem to be the case here.
  9. Yea im probably just going to get 6870 Hawk read somewhere that the bios on these XFX cards is really messed up.
  10. flips said:
    Yea im probably just going to get 6870 Hawk read somewhere that the bios on these XFX cards is really messed up.

    maybe its your power supply?? i think you need 700w R +...
  11. neptune898 said:
    maybe its your power supply?? i think you need 700w R +...

    Dude I have a 1000W SEASONIC 80+ Platinum................. Yeah.........
  12. I plan on getting xfx 9950 do you think my specs can handle it and wat powersupply do i need for this and which one should i get here under 280 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&N=100006662&isNodeId=1&Description=Radeon+xfx+graphics+card&x=0&y=0&Page=2
  13. I just got my second 6870 for crossfire and I'm having the same issue's where they aren't being maxed out,they are only getting about 60%-70%.Was wondering if you had found a fix yet...
  14. how would one go about putting there gpus to 100% power rather then capping them for 60fps?
  15. Disable V-sync?
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