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I believe I have a vintage Alienware case. Large oval shaped alien head on the top opening door, with 3 upword V shaped lovers above! The bottom has 5 lovers, the top of which shows the Temp. Very large ATX, or probably anything else you want to put in it! 650 wat power supply. Bought this about 6 to 8 years ago! Can't find any info. on this! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks...
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  1. Sleazy Alien..has 8 lovers
  2. GI_JONES said:
    Sleazy Alien..has 8 lovers

    I literally LOL'd at that! :lol:
  3. Don't F with me! I am looking for some serious responses to this! Thanks...
  4. Well if you dont want messed with, the least you could do is go back and edit that so we know how many louvers the case has, instead of telling about its love life.
  5. Case has 5 large in the front bottom case cover, and 3 smaller ones inside & on the top of the Alien head in the top opening cover. Thanks...
  6. Pictures?
  7. Hahah lovers xD
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