Can you game on a xeon porcessor

I am looking at getting a HP z 400 or 600 series computer and wanted to see if the Xeon will work for gaming not just my rendering. I am also looking for adding Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 as well as the Tesla card. any thoughts? is this a bad idea to try rendering and gaming on the same computer?
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  1. Although not as capable as a pure gaming build, lots of people game on their rendering builds. Your biggest problem will be the one PCIe connector that you typically find.
  2. Typically xeons will work for gaming, however they are low clocked. Because they are low clocked (2-3ghz) the intel core series is actually better for gaming.
  3. You should look at intel's 6 core consumer prooducts, then you know you wont have any issues and should be plenty fast enough.
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