Most powerful card for a 550W psu

hello, thanks for reading!

I am planning to give myself an early christmas present in form of a graphic card that is meant as a(powerful) hold over for the time it will take until the good custom models of the new gpu generations of 2012 will be available at a reasonable price. Which I am expecting will be around this time next year.
I am waiting for the release of the new 560 by the end of the month now. Depending on how the prices will develop, I will either get one of those or buy a gtx 570.
If I dont like the pricing I will buy either one of the current 560 ti or a hd5950, probably the sapphire toxic if the pricing gets more reasonable also.

The problem now is my power supply, I am using a 550watt be quiet! psu which is also powering an as of yet not overclocked i5 2500k. How far will that psu take me if I decide on a current 560ti/5950 hd and decide to overclock both cpu and gpu some time in the near future?

With a gtx 570 there will be pretty much no room for any overclocking whatsoever right? I know at this point everything is guesswork but what will the new 560 model have in store? Power consumption will be higher but how likely is it to reach the levels of a 570 and how well would my psu hold up then?
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  1. Go with a 560ti and you will be fine.
  2. To be honest, I am leaning a bit towards the sapphire toxic hd 6950. seems to be better value than all the available 560 ti models, which are really overpriced at the moment anyway, I guess in order to cash up one last time before the imminent price drops. especially when i get a 6950 model with a properly unlocking 6970 bios.
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