3d pc build with 3 moniters

What should I get and where should I buy the monitor's whenever I look on newegg they never have any

I think my biggest question would be what graphics card(s) would be best for the triple 3rd monitor's

How fast dose the CPU need to be for the gaming I want to max the settings I am going to oc with a good after market cooler

Price and or links pleas if its not on newegg

Ps if any one knows how to justify the expanse to the gf that would help too lol
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  1. Please provide your current setup, so we can provide you with suggestions.
  2. It's going to be a new build I'm leaning towards a phenom II x6 which ever oc's best
  3. A lot of people with 3 monitors are going with sli/cf to handle all of the pixel pushing. That said, there are sometimes driver issues. However, if you are going to be playing a game like BF3 on three HD monitors, you almost have to go with two video cards for decent frame rates.

    You're going to want to get that x6 to over 4.0ghz or I recommend a 2500K.
  4. shaystings said:
    whenever I look on newegg they never have any
    Look more carefully.... they have almost 400 listings for LCD monitors

    triple 3rd monitor's - did you mean triple 3D?

    What kind of setup are you going for? AMD Eyefinity? Nvidia 3DSurround?
  5. Addressing the question in the title about which monitors to go with....

    I personally like Dell's line of Ultrasharp monitors. They consistently review well, rotate 90 degrees in their stands (if you like three portrait oriented monitors, which many do, this is key), and have displayport inputs, which really helps with Crossfire setups. Also they are IPS panels.

    Dell has everything from 21.5 in to 30 in Ultrasharps, so it really depends on price.

    If they are too expensive, Dell's line of Professional monitors are also very good, and also rotate 90 degrees. No displayport and TN panels, but they are good displays.
  6. okay for monitors how about three dell alienware 2310's? anyway for that kindev of setup id go with trifire 6970's or crossfire 6990's. or two/three GTX 580's?
  7. Ya I ment 3d I'm doing this on my phone sorry bout the autocorect.
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