ASRock Extreme 4 problem

Hello there,

I'm having some sort of problem with my motherboard. When I play high end games like Crysis 3 at the moment I can hear grinding sound coming from PC, it's almost the same sound that HDD produces when active. Because my case is opened I've looked for the source of that sound, and as far I could tell it's coming from my chipset.
When I first built my rig that sound could be heard even in idle, but then it just stopped so I didn't pay much attention to it. But now it's really starting to piss me of. I don't have any problems with it except of the noise that is annoying, but I was wondering if this could be some thing that could be problem later on.

I'm really thankful for any advice or suggestion :) Cheers

My other components are:

Intel i5-3570K

8Gb G.Skill Ripjaws x

Gigabyte GTX660 WF2

SSD Kingsotne HyperX 120Gb

HDD WD-Green 500Gb

Thermaltake 730" PSU
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  1. The chipset has no moving parts, so I can't imagine it making any noise. Do you have a MB speaker attached? If so, see if the sound is coming from it. Or check the CPU heat sync/fan and see if it is making the noise. It is nearby the chipset.
  2. I know that there are no moving parts that's what bothers me the most :-/
    I will try with speaker, didn't come to my mind, and for fans they are all checked, because their speed has nothing with my problem I've checked ;)
  3. You say it sounds like your HDD when it is active. Are you sure it is not your HDD. Some drives make quite a thrashing noise. I had a WD Black that was so noisy, I swapped it out for a different one.
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