All Ps2 keyboards stopped working?

Alright this is an odd one. I was playing battlefield 3 and waiting for the game to load. once the game loaded the keyboard was non functional. rebooted, tried system restore and different keyboard. nothing works having to type with onscreen keyboard..
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  1. Maybe the keyboard happened to go bad at that moment.

    Do you have a different one laying around that you can try?

    It really sounds to me like a one time thing.

    Luckily for you, standard keyboards are really cheap.
  2. Yeah ive tried a second p/s2 connector style keyboard and no response either. The "failed" keyboards seem to work ok on other computers. it just seems like no matter how many times i reboot it wont recognize anything through the port.
  3. It is possible that the port went bad on the motherboard.

    If multiple keyboards don't work in it, there probably isn't that much you can do other than get a USB keyboard instead.

    There is some small chance that turning the computer off and cold starting it would change things, but I wouldn't hope for too much.
  4. alright, well thank you ive been trying to root out the issue. it seems it must just be the mobo port except for the fact that the lights blink once on the keyboard when the computer boots up so it seems as if the port is getting power.
  5. The computer should beep at you if it doesn't recognize that you have a keyboard installed when you turn it on, so on some level it does recognize there is something plugged in.

    Unless you have the keyboard disabled in the hardware manager or something, though, there isn't much you can probably do to enable the keyboard from within windows if it isn't recognizing it.

    - Edit - Found this, it may help.
  6. thanks ill give it a shot
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