Graphics card for biostar 945GC-M7 TE

i m looking for graphics card for my 2 cpu 945 board and im not sure which one to buy for this board...i hv intel pentium 4 processor 3.0ghz 1gb memory..purpose of it to edit family videos, watch hd movies and games but not necessary..
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  1. Hello.
    Do you know the brand and type of your powersupply ?
  2. its powersafe VIP ps with 400 rms
  3. 400 watt right ?
  4. no it comes to 300 w
  5. OK, since yo're not a gamer you could look at something like a hd4650 or a gt210, gt220, 9500gt. The 4650 is the strongest of the three, when you buy that one try to find a ddr3 version like this ; Not easy though to find a ddr3 version, that link is only for example it's out of stock.
  6. thanks rob...
  7. Your welcome. :)

    Btw i would put another 1g ram in the pc.
  8. 6670 OC 1GB DDR3 for max upgrade.
  9. Well, the 6670 is 2.1 card,, without knowing his mobo ( think it could be 1.0 version ) and the fact that he doesn't need a very strong card that would be an unnessesary risk.
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