Unlocking MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition / Overclocked

hi all ,
i was about to kill myself when i tried to unlock my new comp with MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III PE/OC.
the update was possibly failed because the system did not boot, i mean there was no display.
it was night .
dad asked me to sleep.
i just turned off everything.
in the morning i tried not to get up but i had tuition so i had to
when i returned i tried to boot again , but still no display.
then i slept.
when i waked i attached monitor vga to motherboard .
still no display.
then secretly i opened the case and moved a switch which was possibly dual bios switch.
i finally got a display .

now where i stand is my bios in second mode .
so do i need to flash 1 mode bios back to 6950 ?
if yes , how ? i dint made a back up of current bios.
the bios in second mode is also the same or its different ?
my system is stable in bios 2 mode.
please tell me what should i do.
for now i dont want to unlock .

thanks .
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  1. This is a guide specifically for your card. You don't have to mod your bios, cause MSI released one themselves to unlock the shaders.,1.html
  2. As for getting BIOS 1 bootable again, boot into windows (on BIOS Switch 2), get the unlocked BIOS from MSI (linked in the article above) and open ATI Winflash. Load the new BIOS into ATI Winflash, then, while the PC is running, flip the BIOS switch to the 1st position. Now, flash the BIOS and reboot.

    That should fix your booting problem, and unlock the shaders in one strike
  3. My bios is currently in position 2.
    So if i make a backup and restore in position 1 will it be the same as it should have been ? I dont want to unlock for now.
    Because my fps dont go above 60 in any case
    Maybe thats because of my monitor
    It is hd925 benq 18.5" with max resolution 1366x768 @ 60 hz
    So is it because of my monitor. Because it appears that the frames are locked at 60
  4. With a resolution that low, you won't need the unlocked performance. You probably have Vsync enabled. Vsync locks the maximum frame rate to the refresh rate of your monitor.

    You should make a backup of your bios (switch 2). Then move the switch on the card to position one while the system is running, and flash the backup you just made to the card.
  5. Is vsyn required ?
    So both bios are same ?
  6. Vsync isn't required, but if your GPU is spitting out frames faster than your monitor refreshes, you won't see a difference.

    There wouldn't be an observed difference to you between 60 FPS and 100 FPS if your monitor is only refreshing 60 times per second. So, there's really no reason to turn it off.
  7. ok.

    so both the bios on switch 1 and 2 are same ?

    edit-i tried to make a backup but the comp just freezed and i pushed the reset button.
    now it has booted .
    any other software that can back up the bios ?
    any1 can post the link to the default bios at position 1 ?
  8. Well they will be once you re-flash the first switch. 2nd position is a read only bios that you can't write (to keep you safe from ruining your card)

    Technically you'd be fine to just keep using your card with the 2nd Bios. If you aren't going to unlock, you don't really need to use the 1st position.
  9. ok but why take risk ?
    in future there is a high possibility that i am going to unlock to get maximized performance probably when new more demanding games come out.
    please link me a default bios.

    and if i back up bios 2 and restore it to bios 1 will i will be able to unlock in future as bios 2 is read only ?
  10. You have the default BIOS. The BIOS installed in position two is the default (safe) BIOS for your card. All you have to do is make a copy from what is already on your card.

    ok but why take risk ?

    What is the risk you are talking about?
  11. no when i try to make a backup the screen freezes and i have to power off and on to start the comp
  12. What are you using to make a backup? I had that trouble using GPUz with my card.

    I used ATIwinflash instead and didn't have any problems:
  13. ok i made a backup with save.
    i assumed that it is backup.
    ok i will try tom to do as you say.
  14. Yep, save will save your current BIOS.

    Then you just have to click Load Image, pick the BIOS you just saved and click ok.

    Then, flip the BIOS switch on your card to the 1st position, and click Program, then reboot.
  15. ok when i click ok the program closes
    when i have switch in position 1 and start ati win flash then load image and click save it shows SubSYSTEM IDs Mismatch
  16. You have to open atiwinflash while your switch is still in the second position, only flip the switch to the first position after you have loaded the backup bios and are ready to flash.

    Also make sure you are running atiwinflash as an administrator.
  17. ok so what i am going to do is
    1)open ati winflash as an administrator
    2)make sure switch is in position 2
    3)save . it to 6950
    4)load the saved bios
    5)flip the switch to 1
    6)click program

    will that be alright ?
  18. Yes, those are the correct steps.

    Switch should be in position 2 before you start the PC. Make sure you do that.
  19. i did the steps like i said and what u said .
    but still it shows subsytem ids mismatch.
    cant any1 make a backup of his bios and post it ?
  20. i tried downloading some bios from tech power up with same clocks as mine.
    but none of them worked
  21. THANK YOU blade061188

    you were of a great help .

    if the bios 2 is read only then there shouldn't be any problems with my card.
    but does it mean that i can not kill my card with bios editing ?
  22. Best answer
    Your Bios on the second switch is not writable, meaning you can't write a bad bios to it. That's why they do it that way :)

    So you can mess up your BIOS in switch one but you'll always have a safe BIOS in switch two.
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