212 evo push/pull question!

So im building a new pc and im planning to oc my i5-2500k a bit like 4.5ghz so i took a cm 212 evo whit 1x

Silverstone 120MM FM121 110CFM

so i wanna do a push/pull config whit that fan + the one that come along whit the 212evo

is that possible ?? (i read around a bit and its seem that u need 2 have identical fan for double push but im not sure for push/pull)

and if yes which fan is the pusher and and which is the puller

thank you
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  1. Actually the fan on the outflowing side needs to be faster because its pull surface is blocked by the fins. The most ideal setup is to find a ccw rotation fan but they are hard to find.

    But yes, the fan you pointed out will work
  2. so my Silverstone 120MM FM121 110CFM gonna be the pusher and the stock 212evo fan the puller is that right ?
  3. Other way around.
    212evo fan pushing & FM121 pulling
  4. Since the CPU cooler air flow is being pushed at the rear exhaust fan you want to consider that was well.
    What the make/model/CFM of that rear exhaust fan?
  5. the rear fan is a 120mm 1200rpm 17dba that come with the case (CM storm enforcer) i dont know the cfm but thats probly crap

    so u sugest the stock evo pusher and the Silverstone puller ?
  6. FM121 pulling 120 CFM warm air off the CPU cooler is pushing it ... what? A 48 CFM rear fan?
  7. yup exactly that fan so what do u suggest ?
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    A 2nd fan that matches the 212+ Evo fan and a 3rd 120mm-140mm fan for the top position.
  9. this is my top fan
    Coolermaster Megaflow 200MM Red LED Case Fan 700RPM

    stock fan -push

    and the silverstone -pull

    sounds good enough little oc ? someting around 4.5ghz
  10. What's your current OC?
  11. there is no oc atm everything is already ordered and should be delivered tommorow and i dont wanna pay another 10$ shipping for a 10$ fan so im trying 2 get the best cooling performance with the fan i have !
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  13. People are having pretty good success getting 4.5Ghz on the 212+ Evo with just the stock fan.
    You don't need to pay for a $21 fan (with shipping).
  14. already ordered the 121 silverstorm and the top 200mm cm so that fine but i wont order another one to have 2x the same

    so that why i wanna know which fan is the pusher and which is the puller
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