How does this build look

So heres the current specs im using

Amd Phenom II x4 955@ 3.68ghz
Radeon 5770's OC'ed + crossfire
Msi790xt-g45 mobo
4gb ddr2 ram 800mhz
Antec earthwatts 650w PSU
Nzxt Lexa blackline case
250gb HDD
dvd drive
40" Emerson HD tv @1920x1080

heres what i want to do, essentially i want to sell my older parts on ebay and upgrade to newer ones to save some money

1. Sell the two 5770's and older 22" monitor for $80 each and get a Radeon 7870 ($300). Cost: 60$

2. Sell the used Phenom II CPU for $100 and get an Intel 2500k (200$). Cost: $100

3. Sell 4gb DDR2 for $30 and get 8gb ddr3 @1600mhz ($36). Cost: 6$

4. Sell Msi790xt-g45 for roughly 80$ and get ASRock Fatal1ty mobo ($128). Cost: 48$

re-use dvd, hdd, case, and Power supply.

TOTAL: $214

my questions. Will the 650w PSU suffice? And will it leave me some room to Overclock the CPU and GPU?

Also how much do you think my motherboard is worth? The PS/2 port for the keyboard does not work, doesnt effect those using USB keyboards though.

Can you think of any 1155 socket motherboards that would be cheaper than the Fatal1ty that would work well?
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  1. you would be better off with a 750w psu mobo maybe $40 around the net upgrades are good maybe add an ssd and a cooler if your really decided to overclock the i5 hyper evo 212 should do fine or an h40-60 liquid cooler other than that its good and if you got the budget or if your hard isn't already 7200rpm
  2. Here's a PSU calculator to help you out...

    Good luck with those selling prices.
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