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Hi forum,
I have just upgraded my mobo from an h61 to a z68 so I can overclock in the future. Now with my old mobo I have decided to sell it on eBay. There is only one hitch. I bought Windows 7 System Builder edition and it is tied to the motherboard. I have read on the internet it is illegal to sell OEM software, but is it still illegal if I sell it with a CPU and motherboard that it is tied to ? Also, since this is a new motherboard, can I just buy a key online to keep the license on the mobo while the system builder key ships with the other mobo?
Thanks and any help is appreciated.
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  1. I would try the new board first. My windows 7 installation actually reconfigured from an am3 board to an h61 board without a new coa or format. I was expecting it to fail loading windows, but the bugger just went beserk and started loading new device drivers for the Intel chipset board. A pleasant surprise, but it doesn't happen too often.
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