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The last couple of days I have a problem with my PC. I need to restart it like 10 times in order for it to work.

I get 11 beeps = Cache memory error (which I have no idea what it means exactly) and I get a blank screen even though the PC itself opens up like it should do.

I am using dual monitor (1 HDMI + 1 VGA) and I hibernate almost every day.

Any ideas/suggestions of what is going on?

Thank you very much!
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  1. Okie dokie so this is the message I got now:

    "Your system's memory configuration has changed since it entered hibernation. If you proceed, the data needed to resume from hibernation will be lost. To preserve this data, turn off the system power, restore the original memory configuration, and then reboot the system. Otherwise, preess <ENTER> to delete restoration data and proceed to boot menu."

    Did I kill my memory with over hibernation? :/
  2. This is nothing try updating BIOS, by using BIOS updater or Press F1 at the time of booting of the system.
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