Is this a good build for the money? <$1000 gaming PC

Hi all,

I saw this combo deal on, and wanted to know if this build is good value, and/or are all the parts compatible with each other:

This is my first build, so any idea/suggestions would be appreciated. I will be using this PC for mostly gaming, and also some audio production on the side, so I'd like the PC to be on the quiet side.

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  1. I think this combo is overall pretty decent. It won't overclock, and the graphics are a little underpowered, but for $700 after rebates its a pretty good deal. Keep in mind that you'll need to pick up a copy of windows and a CD/DVD drive as well, as this comp doesn't come with either.
  2. Its not bad but you could always do better by doing it your self~ But if not this is quite good.
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