Ram wont run at native speed?

okay hello guys, its been a while since ive posted but it seems for once im unable to figure out this issue im having on my own. which im sad to say, but im hoping someone may be able to shed some light on my little problem im having. i recently upgraded my older build and with that said i got a G.skill ripjaws kit, the model # and all the info is in the attached image as well. id like to start off and first say i was originally running a single 2gb ddr3 stick 1333mhz of kingstong value ram, at the same exact bios settings i have TRIED to run these ripjaws at, which gives me a 1320-1322Mhz Dram speed. since my FSB has a 333Mhz wall, paired with my cpu i run at 330FSB *9 Multi and this gives me the 1320Mhz RAM speed. which i can say for complete sureness has never gave me any issues with the kingston. with 9 straight days of running the machine i claimed complete stability with that. now seeing as since i have changed the ram two the 8Gb Gskill kit, 2x4Gb im able to run seemingly stable ONLY when i leave the ram on AUTO and 2N rate, with 9-9-9-24 timings, stock 1.53Voltage. i have tried adjusting the timings following the timings table on CPU-Z to no effect, it just seems to run stable a bit longer before the dreaded BSOD. as i type im running aida 64 and have just "passed" a RAM stress test using burnin with 100% ram usage selected. for 15 minutes straight, i have even multi tested for longer periods with no ill effects and no errors. but if/when i tried to take this new ram off auto, and set it to the speed my fsb runs at "330" to make the ram operate at the set 1320Mhz it will give me errors after 1-3 passes. i cant say the ram is faulty seeing as it DOES run stable but only when clocked much lower then its rated. is there an issue to having this ram run operate at the odd frequency of 1320Mhz? even though thats still under its normal native speed? im quite confused. most spec questions can be answered with the attached photo.
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  1. If the ram does not match it's rated speed that would make it defective in my opinion. RMA it.
  2. try running memtest from a boot CD. this will give a better analysis of the ram. run it for 12 hours and see if the ram errors if not then its not the ram its something else.
  3. Did you talk to G.Skill? They are the experts with their RAM. They will get your stuff running or replace it.

    Go ask them, they are good.
  4. If the memory is perfectly stable at DDR3-1333, it should work at any other lower frequency. Post some BIOS pictures and I can take a look. Another thing you can do is try each module individually to see if they perform the same.

    Keep me posted!

    Thank you
  5. i thank you all for your replies on this matter,i will undergo further testing asap, i have just ran memtest for about half an hour and it was OK. im currently tweaking some settings in bios, in specific the FSB and cpu multi, as it seems it WANTS to run fine at 333fsb but only with the lowered multi "native is 9* i put it down to 6*" which still has the ram operating at 1334/1333Mhz. from my previous testings it appears i only/mainly get BSOD and error codes while having the cpu overclocked, even so the ram is not oc'd as well, as the 333FSB only makes the cpu run at near 3Ghz for me, and the ram at 1333/1334. which is confusing me very much. i get a BSOD upon starting a cpu full load test when at 3Ghz and ram at 1333. but only when my cpu is underclocked by alot, the ram seems to run normal. i really hope i can pull out some more data and hopefully g.skill support i think you as well, or someone else also can help me with this problem, while i have high doubts about faulty ram sticks its possible but not from what i can see. also to add, my rig consists of a ASRock G41M-S3 mobo,the 2x4GB gskill ripjaws model is in the screenies, Q6600 Intel Quad core. i have also noticed if/when i try and operate both the cpu and ram at 333FSB speeds cpu at 3Ghz and ram at 1333 if i up the cpu's core voltage a bit, it will become MORE stable but eventually BSOD but takes longer before BSOD happens, and that tells me it has somthing to do between both the cpu AND ram. i can clarifiy the cpu is not faulty or anything whatsoever as i already had had it fully functional at the same exact bios settings and speeds with a previous 2gb stick of kingston ram.
  6. for an update at the request of gskill support, i have uploaded images of my bios and settings, which i belive are to be correct based on what i know for this ram. with these settings i get a BSOD near immidiatley whenever my cpu is at full load. <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2vjsk76" target="_blank"><img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/2vjsk76.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
    <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2yw8ozt" target="_blank"><img src="http://i45.tinypic.com/2yw8ozt.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
    <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=zti5c1" target="_blank"><img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/zti5c1.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

  7. Do you have the latest BIOS?

    Manually set DRAM Voltage and NB Voltage. Something may not be correct with AUTO setting.

    tRFC 128

    Thank you
  8. firstly check the cpu limit(when it limits the ram)
    if there is not a problem then easily go to the bios and change the speed!
  9. thank you again for your replies. i have flashed the latest BIOS yesterday as well. i can safely say i AM able to run the ram fully stable "now going on near 12 hours straight-9 hours straight of which i had the whole system stress testing" while the ram isindeed running at its native speed, showing at 1334Mhz, its only possible by downclocking my cpu setting the muli to 8 insted of 9* the cpu only causes the ram issues when the multi is at 9* which is what its normally supposed to run at, which makes the cpu run at 3Ghz and i can say its 100% stable at that speed. also, what should i set the NB voltage at? as well as the RAM? i think offhand the ram operates at 1.53 Volts? CPU-Z is reporting 9-9-9-24 with a Trfc of 78 clocks. the "24" can not be set any higher according to my BIOS which only lets me go as high as 24. on the package the RAM came in 9-9-9-24 is said to be the timings for 1333Mhz. i will try and find my stock NB voltages and set it to that manually,as well as the ram voltage and set the tRFC timing to 128. i will try those settings with and also without the cpu's multi at 9* @3Ghz and see if any problems arrise. like i have stated, with the multi down to 8* it runs mint.
  10. sorry for this second post, i have just gotten out of the bios and noticed the tRFC only has a max set value of 78 which i set it manually to 78. there doesn't seem to be any options or way to set it to said 128,after setting the NB RAM and CPU multi manually i will test this and see if theres any difference in stability now that the cpu is running back at 3GHz with the 9* multi. which is really the only thing i have changed other then setting the same set values, but manually this time.

    EDIT: okay i have tried around 7 different combinations of BIOS tweaks between setting RAM timings, voltages manually etc. no problems untill the CPU's multi is set to 9* with the FSB anywhere from 333 down to 329, each time i made a tweak by 1 notch, i have ran Prime95 and each time gives me a fatal error, and when the multi is at 9* with the FSB of 333 ram set manual to 1334Mhz both with 1N and also 2N gives a near instant BSOD.
    i would like to say i can easily tell the RAM is in no way faulty seeing as it DOES run at 1334Mhz for hours on end under full stress loads. but only when the cpu is overclocked i have problems, i am starting to think it may possibly be my PSU. since i have verified these same settings 3Ghz CPU with 9* multi at 330FSB ram at 1322Mhz with only 2GB. i will assume the problem is being cause by insufficient power possibly since this 8GB kit may just of had been enough to put my PSU over its limits. if anyone else can think of any other things to try or reasons/things i can do to try and get this ram stable with the cpu at 3Ghz 333FSB please let me know :) on that note, i have read when the FSB is linked to the cpu and also memory controller the cpu multi will actually set and OC the RAM's frequency, although BIOS still and always states it has never gone over the 1334Mhz which is also confusing me. upon realizing the PSU may be the culprit, i will later pull out my GFX card, and try again as i previously did,just without the GFX card. which should immediately tell me whether its a power/PSU related issue or not.
  11. So what is your powersupply?

    How about the full specs?
  12. jnkweaver said:
    So what is your powersupply?

    How about the full specs?

    PSU is a stock one a Bestec 250 watt, i think 18A on the 12V rail. my system is mostly low powered stuff excluding the cpu. i know by far this PSU isnt that good at all, its just temp since my previous one got damaged and blew up. ive saw somewhere that my CPU the Q6600 can draw as much as 150 watts under full load at stock 2.4Ghz, thats quite alot, considering i had mine at 3.oGhz its very possible the power supply just cant power it. like i have said, this is only temporary until the end of the month ill be upgrading back to a CX600, which ive used in another build. also in case your wondering, the gpu im using is also just a temp card but also a very low powered one, geforce 210. also like i have said, everything runs mint until i put the cpu multi back at 9* and overclocks it back to 3Ghz. i have it at 333FSB 8* multi cpu at 2.7GHz with the ram 9-9-9-24 timings all voltages set manually ram operating at 1334Mhz and i have zero issues i can see, i even ran a second prime95 test for another 4 hours today and still runs just mint with these current settings. since im not seeing the ram being oc'd while changing the cpu multi, i can only think that it would be the PSU.
    EDIT: upon testing the theory of the PSU issue, i tried pulling the GFX card out and testing with prim95 again, and still a near immediate FATAL ERROR rounding was 0.5 expected less then 0.4.
  13. bump?
    as stated ram is fully stable at native 1333Mhz clock with 9-9-9-24 timings 1.53Volts. wont stay stable when cpu is oc'd with the 9* multi 333FSB which 333 being the limit for my board.
  14. Mousemonkey said:

    oh sorry, i actually wasn't aware of that, is there a specific reason as to why it isn't allowed on here?
  15. demonsparkx said:
    oh sorry, i actually wasn't aware of that, is there a specific reason as to why it isn't allowed on here?

    Did you read his link? Did you notice it is part of the rules? :)
  16. tigerg said:
    demonsparkx said:
    oh sorry, i actually wasn't aware of that, is there a specific reason as to why it isn't allowed on here?

    Did you read his link? Did you notice it is part of the rules? :)

    yes i did after he posted it, it doesn't state why though. i use many many forums so i actually wasn't aware i couldn't bump threads on here. sorry lol
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