Need some compatible ram for my new board.

Please help me choose ram for my new board.

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  1. Any DDR3 RAM will do; most people will agree that RAM timings make 0-5 FPS difference in the real world and most often you wouldn't notice any way.

    IME anything better than 1333 mhz is bonus. 1866mhz is usually what people seem to shoot for when gaming.

    also IME; ADATA is a ok brand they offer cheap 2000+mhz memory. But I've had some issues when over volting to try and land the CAS timings and the increased speed (The stick died even when using the manufacturers specs for max voltage) . Patriot or Corsair would be my recommendation.
  2. Right on the product page it shows the following:

    "4×240pin DDR3 2450(OC)/2100(OC)/1600/1333/1066 "

    So, any ram that fits those speeds will do, specifically 1600, 1333, and 1066. If you pick 2450 or 2100 (or otherwise) you will have to overclock the RAM to run at those speeds.

    Generally, the higher the speed of the RAM, the more expensive it is. I say go for at least 1600, that stuff is cheap, and should be guaranteed to work.
  3. Yes it would, but buy the 16GB pack, not two 8GB packs.
  4. It's not listed on the site, but will it run on it for sure?
  5. Any and all DDR3 ram will work on that motherboard. Don't sweat it.
  6. Yep. All those chips are picked to work best together (not that 2 8GB packs wouldn't work) and..... its cheaper than two 8GB packages, yay!
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