9600GT temps

I have a Geforce 9600GT and i'm playing the Tribes:Ascend Beta and im getting flawless graphics but have been monitoring my temps. these temps are not with my overclock just stock.

avg 59-66c(66 is after about 5 hours of gameplay)

is this okay? nothing else in my case is getting above 46c ie cpu and the HD is hovering at around 41c at load.

monitoring with gpu-z,speedfan, and msi afterburner.

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    It is ok! But do bit of cleaning and see if the cables are managed properly. So that there is no air clogging. If the temps drop... great. If it remains the same... no problem!
  2. my 4870HD reaches 115-118C when i play bloodline champion, it's not clocked and the fan that's currently on it is twice as effektive as the standard one ;)
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  4. By the way... Is it a 9600GT Green card? Or the normal one?

    Thanks for the vote! :)
  5. Its a Leadtek 9600GT with the black heatsink/fan combo
  6. I think it should be the normal one. The green one's did not have power connector. Sucked all power from the mobo. That is how you can tell. Or otherwise look at the box. :)

  7. cept mine has hdmi instead of double dvi
  8. I would assume mine is the one taking all the juice from the mobo, is that bad?
  9. Could be!! But anyways your temps are fine!
  10. 59C-66C is great. No problem at all there.
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