All fans start up but no beeps and never boots

I've had my motherboard since Sept 2010 (ASUS P6X58D-E). Self built and flawlessly running since then, with no issues what so ever. About 2 weeks ago my computer would randomly and instantly lose power (like the electricity went out). I figured my PSU or motherboard was on the fritz but it would boot up right away with no other issues and it would go 2-3 days without randomly shutting off. Well yesterday I shut it down at midnight and woke at 8. I went to turn on my computer and all the fans spin, the lights are on, but I get no beeps and no picture.

Now for a list of things I have troubleshot so far include the following:

-Powered on with just CPU/PSU, results in all fans spinning and no beeps
-Powered on with just CPU/PSU/RAM, same result
-Bought a multimeter and tested every pin on every cable on my PSU, they all checked out
-Bought a new PSU and tested it out, resulted in all fans spinning but no beeps, no video

Finally, since I built the exact same rig for my brother about two weeks apart (mid sept 2010). I decided to drive an hour to his place and swap my components 1 by 1 into his machine.

Results from that include:
-Swapped just my video card into his machine and his machine boots and played games just fine, assume my GFX is still okay
-Swapped my RAM into his machine and his machine boots and runs apps just fine

Unfortunately, I didn't have any thermal paste laying around so I didn't want to swap processors to test that. But I'm out of ideas on what could be the issue.

Full rig
TX850 Corsair PSU
10666 Corsair RAM (2x3GB)

Both my build and my brother's build POSTed the very first time and both have ran flawlessly for 2 years. Any help would be appreciated, but if I can't solve the issue shortly then I'm going to get a LGA1155 motherboard and ivy bridge i5 to hold me off.
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  1. Try starting the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed. If a case speaker (buzzer) is connected, you should get the beeps signaling that no RAMs are installed.
    If no beeps, then you'd know it's either the board or the CPU.
  2. Yeah, that was the first troubleshooting step I performed :(. I guess I'm out of luck regardless because 1366 processors and motherboards aren't really replaceable any more.
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