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Hello, I have seem to run into an issue.... :heink:

Essentially I am paying extra for 52 mbp/s and some intense bandwidth for all of my household devices and none of this has really been an issue besides the fact that my new gaming rig is FAIL with internet. I was using my office laptop with dial-up at a friends with SCII with no issues, yet when I boot it up on my desktop I lag out of a game instantaneously. Ideas?
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  1. What else are you using the internet for while the other system is on? Most network usage will try to grab as much as it can for itself unless you use a router made to work with assigning bandwidth to specific devices or services.
  2. Well I don't use much if any at all on other systems, unless maybe it's the IP phone I use...
  3. If you just do a speed and ping test on the computer with the issue, keep the rest of the computers offline, and that works normally, you need to check the servers for the game you connect to. Checking with the ISP won't hurt either, if they are not too lazy they can check your connection while it's in use for any issues.
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