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I am trying to install a 3TB hard disk as bootable and one 3 TB partition.I got an Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Mother board.
I converted the drive to GPT and I can see 3 TB unallocated drive.When I install windows 7 64 bit,I get only 2 TB and the remaining partition is not accessible
This m.board has a UEFI Bios.The Bios sees 3 TB drive,I read some articles saying enable UEFI Bios or UEFI boot but in the Bios there is no option to enable UEFI Bios or enable UEFI boot.

Thanks for your suggestions
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  1. Are you just installing one 3TB disk or is it two? If its just one disk before installing windows ensure you format the disk completely and then use the full 3TB partition for the installation. The total disk size will show slightly less than 3TB when formatted(probably around 2.73TB).
  2. The procedure you are using is for using a 3TB drive as a DATA drive. A BOOT drive will have 3 partitions:

    Partition 1 - System - The EFI System partition that contains the NTLDR, HAL, Boot.txt, and other files that are needed to boot the system, such as drivers.
    Partition 2 - MSR - The Microsoft Reserved (MSR) partition that reserves space on each disk drive for subsequent use by operating system software.
    Partition 3 - Primary - Where Windows is to be installed to.

    You need a blank, partition-free, hard disk for installation. Windows 7 installation will create the three partitions during the installation. You should delete all partitions on your drive and reinstall Windows 7. Choose UEFI if you are given that option for the installation.
  3. I have only 1 drive.Windows 7 creates the following partitions on partition free hard drive
    Disk 0 Partition 1 100 Mb System
    Disk 0 Partiton 2 2047 GB Primary
    Disk 0 Unallocated space 746 GB
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