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6870 crash - followed by distorted colours on desktop and chrome crash

Hey folks.

Recently my computer has been giving trouble when playing games. It will operate fine for about 10 minutes and then the game will stall, and freeze.

The game process will show up as non responsive and then with terminate itself.

Afterwards, my desktop (especially winamp) shows up with distorted colours. Chrome has problems and starts flickering before crashing. Attempts to play sound come out crackled.

Ive reinstalled the newest catalyst drivers (used driver sweeper as well) but still no dice.

Temperatures are good (45 degree celsius on the CPU, and 67 degrees on the GPU at full load)

Gigabyte Radeon 6870 stock clocks
Phenom 2 955 @ 3.7ghz
6gb Corsair xms2 DDR2 800

Any idea what thsi could be?
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  1. What driver are you using. I would try a fresh install of 11.10 first of all.

    Whats your PSU? Has your current system been working fine for sometime now or have you changed something recently?
  2. Its been working fine for ages. The processor is relatively new (2 weeks) but the problems only started a couple days ago.

    PSU is OCZ stealth extreme 2 600w

    I performed a fresh install + driver sweeper yesterday, but no dice
  3. Can you test the GPU on another rig? That would rule that out.
  4. Yea i have another rig.. ill use that as alast resort.

    Im wondering if it could be related to my cpu not getting enough voltage. Its sitting at 3.7ghz (500mhz OC) with default voltage.

    The increased power demands on the cpu when gaming might trigger something with the gpu.. Ill try a 50mv increase and see if that changes anything.
  5. ugh im having the same problems....:

    i managed to take a pic of what it looks like when chrome messes up:

    is this what you are experiencing?
  6. yessir thats the one.

    Im also experiencing sound issues too.. when the screen is like that, ill attempt to play an mp3 and the sound comes out distorted
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    Seems to be a driver issue or some sort, as you guys have 2 different cards both having the same problem. If the newer drivers are still having problems try reverting back to one of the older AMD drivers.
  8. im currently using 11.9... Ill try downgrading to a lower version, though i doubt that will help...

    Also i ran memtest for about 3 hours/ 3 passes... it found 0 errors D:

    its annoying not knowing where the problem is coming from

    Edit: some users said turning off Aero on windows 7 fixed the problem.... Can you try this? I cannot I will be away from my computer for a while as we are moving soon :)
  9. Ill try disabling Aero and see what that does.

    Im also going to reinistall my soundcard drivers to see if that does anything, as ive also been noticing sound stutters after crashes.
  10. I removed Catalyst 11.11 or whatever the current one is, and installed Catalyst 11.8.

    Problem solved!
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