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I am new to this forum so sorry if I posted this in the wrong section but would it be possible to play Crysis in 4320p if you had one of those insane televisions? I just want to know, does the game support that high res? Does any game support that res? Does Crysis or any game support 2160p? What card would be needed? Like 2 ATI 6990 in CF?
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  1. The highest resolution that a card supports is usually listed in the details of the card and most of the cards that I have seen say 2560x1600. That resolution would be supported in each monitor that was connected. I have never heard of 4320p and I am assuming it is four times 1080p ?
  2. If you can get those TVs to accept multiple inputs of 1080p signals, (For 2160p four of them one for each quadrant) to display the picture then you could probably set up a 2x2 Eyefinity configuration. But you'll need tons of GPU power to do so.
  3. @Inzone, you are right :)

    thank you for the help. do you know what I would need?
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