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What is the best case for an h100 push/pull and an Asus rampage iv extreme mobo
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  1. If you are spending that much, why not go with a custom loop. Anyways, this would depend on your budget towards a case and the cases needs. But since you asked for the best, it would have to be the silverstone tj11.

    Other cases probably in your budget range:
    NZXT Switch 810
    CM Storm Trooper
    Corsair 800D
    Silverstone Raven rv-01
  2. Where have you heard the HAF-X before?
  3. the corsair cases have a 120mm x 2 rad mount location in the roof that conveniently accepts an h-100 ( coincidence ?? ) I have , however , read somewhere that depending on the size of the fans and possibly mobo a push / pull may croud things . .. have a look and happy hunting .. btw amuffin's choices look good to me as well
  4. Corsair Obsidian series.

    Or Mountain Mods if your budget is unlimited and you're a patient person.
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