IDE CD Drive Connector

I have a four pin (not power) connector on my IDE CD where ones it connect on my Asus P8Z77-V motherboard?
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  1. That is the analog audio connector, you can let it along and do nothing.
  2. If your connector is a standard IDE, i.e. non-SATA connector, you must eitherr but a bridge connector for IDE to SATA (I am unsure whether such a bridge is possible because IDE is an ATA standard and SATA is Serial ATA), or an interface card to plug into the mobo via a PCI slot.

    I left my old IDE CD drives behind because you can get a DVD burner for under $20. I suggest that you look to buy a SATA CD/DVD as an alternative. It is cheaper and less clunky than getting an interface card.
  3. Thanks, You're right for the price of a IDE connector I can get a digital CD.
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