Is a 27" too demanding?

I am thinking of upgrading from 24" to 27", mainly for the purpose of watching movies.

But wondering if a 27" screen will be too demanding for this setup

i5 2500k / MSI GTX 560 Ti 1gb

or does it solely depend on the resolution? fx, will a 24" running 1600 x 1200 require the same hardware as a 27" running the same resolution?

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  1. If it's the same resolution it will perform the same. It's the same number of pixels in both monitors, just the pixels are spaced farther apart to fill a larger screen. Your setup is plenty of power to do some gaming and watch movies at that res (1600x1200? never seen that res but is a bit below 1920x1200)
  2. Okay thanks! So.. sticking with the 24" is actually more "future proof" since I can get away with lower resolutions on that one then on the 27"?
  3. there is 1600*900 my friend have it

    560ti is very good on 25" i watch the video on youtube and fps were good
  4. Best to get a 1080p (1920x1080) if your goal is to watch movies. For movies and desktop apps the 560TI is overkill. For gaming though it will put more strain on it than your current resolution so you may have to lower some details on more demanding titles, but overall a 560Ti is a good card for 1080p
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