2.1 graphics card on a 1.1 PCI-E slot

Hi guys I have an ASUS P5G41T MLX3 motherboard. This mother board has an 1.1 pcie x16 slot. Im planning to buy a new AMD HD 6670/6650 which require a 2.1 pcie x16 slot. I have updated the bios of my mobo from this link:

Can anyone please tell me if these graphics cards will work on my motherboard or not?????
I want to play games at average settings and wont care if the resolution is less

My system specs are:
ASUS P5G41T MLX3 motherboard
Intel Core2Duo E4600 2.4Ghz
Corsair 4gb DDR3 Ram
HP 160GB Hard Disk
BESTEC 250watt PSU.
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