How i upgrade my pc more

hi guys.....i need your help

how i upgrade my pc...

i have ....

intel i3 540(3.2 ghz)
intel dh55hc
2 gb ddr 3 Ram
400w power supply
evga 9500gt 1 gb ddr 2
500 gb harddisk
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  1. Another 2GB RAM. 500W-550W power supply and a new video card.
  2. to upgrade, set aside a budget for the components you want to upgrade. next decide what will you use the pc for. if you want to do cpu intensive tasks, upgrade the cpu. for gaming, the gfx card. for audiophiles, may be a discreet sound card etc. the following suggestion is for a gaming pc.
    processor - good
    motherboard -okay
    ram - add 2 gb more
    psu - upgrade to one with at least 500W, 80+ rated, minimum 34A on the +12v rail, active pfc (power factor correction).
    gfx card - a radeon hd 6670 1 gb gddr5 minimum for 1366x768 or higher gaming. other suggestions -
    radeon hd 5750/6750
    radeon hd 5770/6770
    radeon hd 6850
    hdd - okay
    you didn't mention display or resolution. you could upgrade to a 22" if youwant to upgrade.
  3. i have 21 inch monitor
  4. i dont have that budget
  5. can u suggest that which power supply i should buy.... of 500 watts
  6. Get an SSD and that will knock your socks off, nothing else has that much kick on the performance!!!
  7. One like this Corsair Force CSSD-F40GB2-A 2.5" 40GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive @ $59.99

  8. can u should which powersupply i should buy ???
  9. How about one like this... for was: $54.99 Now $39.99

    RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS 530W ATX12V V2.2/ EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular LED Power Supply

  10. dear raidmax is avaliable in market ....only thermaltake ,antec and cooler master power supply are available
  11. What about quiet and Mercedes of the PSU's? @ $59.99
  12. no choose from the three categories that i mentioned you earlier...
  13. how about ANTEC BP500U 500WATTS CONTINUOUS POWER PSU????
  14. nabeel155 said:

    Its not bad, but miles from that Seasonic from the previous post.

    Can u tell me why that one is no go? I just want to understand.

    Its great price and it is modular and 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified, so its much more efficient with Manufacturer Limited Warranty period (parts): 5 years

    versus Manufacturer Limited Warranty period (parts): 3 years

    Any special reason?
  15. the power supply you mentioned is costly in my country....
  16. What country are u in? Do u have any link for the PC online store?
  17. i m pakistan
  18. Get Antec, its best out of the 3 and it has some good features.

    It says that u need max 336, so u are just fine with current PSU, unless the PSU is old and weak.

    The calculator recomended,
    Min: 286
    Max: 336

    intel i3 540(3.2 ghz)
    intel dh55hc
    2 gb ddr 3 Ram
    400w power supply
    evga 9500gt 1 gb ddr 2
    500 gb harddisk
  19. so i should buy ANTEC BP500U 500WATTS CONTINUOUS POWER PSU
  20. U can, but u don't need it at the time. Do u have a problem with the old one?
  21. no but i got power supply with my pc chasing....which is made in powersupply is of 400 watt but i dont think its providing its full power
  22. OK, Try this command-line diagnostic utility for power problems.
    Go to Start > Run, type cmd, then type powercfg -energy
    This will generate an HTML file and so check the report for problems.
  23. its not opens for a sec and closes itself...
  24. OK, never mind that. But, is your PC shutting down by itself?

    Is it freezing?
  25. no
  26. Than its OK, change it when it does. It does not need to be done. I wouldn't based on your hardware nabeel155.
  27. ok nikorr ....thanks for helping .....
  28. If I was u, I would get SSD, thet is the best thing u can do, in your case.
  29. You're welcome!
  30. what SSD will increases???
  31. SSD will speed up anything u do on PC. Do u have a busy circle when u are searching or opening program like office or photoshop or all at same time?

    That's where is SSD excellent.

    Or when u start or shut down windows, its so fast...

    Check this videos @

    Good one here
  32. nice.....
  33. nabeel155 said:

    Take the SSD and enjoy it : )
  34. all videos are nice ...i understood now
  35. That's best thing to add to the PC, if u are inpatient : )
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