Will this fit into my motherboard (pic)

Hi this is a picture of my motherboard


I currently have a Ge force 315 which is terrible and I am looking at upgrading it with this,


Will it fit in my motherboard or will I bet wasting my money? If it won't fit can someone recommend me a card that will run Tera with good graphical settings, I have a 1080p 32inch HD screen TV for as my monitor.

Please help
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  1. check the length of the gpu you want in its specs which is 241mm so your gonna want about 10" clearance then measure the clearance you have inside the case ( so it isnt gonna hit the drive bays or anything like that), also your gonna need the slot below the pci-e clear as that gpu is dual slot (double height) i would also be very concerned about your psu, i would seriously recommend replacing your existing one if its not around 450watt in a respectable brand which is also going to need a 6pin gpu power connectors
  2. going through the manual pics looks like only issues u could have is clearing the hard drive cage towards the end of the evga card and that small heatsink below the pci slot , i don't think you should have any hassles as it looks like its not that high

    if you have something plugged into the top one of the the two small slots ( #17) you would need to drop in down a slot as the new card will be double the width of you current card
    it could be a tight fit with the ram slots (#3) , those end clip-in's need some room to open , so u might have to remove the card at some point if you wish to replace the ram at any point , as shown http://www.manualslib.com/manual/1221/Acer-Aspire-M3910-G.html?page=39#manual

    the sata ports ( #7 ) should have no clearance issues

    as jason said you might want to upgrade the power supply also to something newer
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