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Hi all

At the moment i have a Gigabyte Ga-Ep 45-UDER with a broken AMD Radeon 5450 512mb. I plan to replace it and upgrade the GPU.

Although i want to make sure nothing bottlenecks for gaming. (Not high demanding, CPU intensive games)

At the moment i have:

Intel Q9400 @ 2.67 GHz (Although i would like to overclock if possible to about 3 GHz safely without temperature issues)

PSU: 400 W

I plan to get something that is under 100 bucks and fits nicely with these over components.

I was thinking the AMD Radeon 6000 series although not sure what one for a variety of reasons.

If there are any concerns let me know, i have some time to see what i can get.

Thanks for any advice
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  1. Base on you use the HD 5450, so I guess you don't need very powerful GPU.

    You need the HD6670 DDR3 or DDR5 that will be enough.|14-150-577^14-150-577-TS%2C14-102-988^14-102-988-TS%2C14-102-950^14-102-950-TS

    Here is the Best Graphics Cards For The Money: February 2013.,3107.html
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