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I am looking to upgrade my ageing system without spending a fortune.

My system specs
Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Processor Type: AMD Socket2+
Motherboard : Asus M3A
Operating System Windows XP Pro SP3
System RAM: 2Gb
Video Card Manufacturer: Nvidea
Video Card Model: Gforce 8400 GT
Video Card RAM: 1GB
Video Card Driver Version: Latest Driver
Sound Realtek onboard Latest Driver

My questions i am looking to install a better CPU which ones will the Motherboard take.

I am looking for a better GPU as well and i am looking at a Radion HD 6670 will it work on this system and will i notice much improvement ?
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  1. List of the CPU's supported by your board http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM2Plus/M3A/#CPUS
    You need another 2GB RAM. And with 6670 it will be a good improvement.
  2. Suprising that board does not seem to support phenom ii and athlon ii quads. That said, grab the fastest quad that board will take, bump ram to 4gb, and upgrade card to 6670 or above and you should see a nice jump.
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