Did Afterburner damage my card?

So i just built a new gaming computer and I dont really overclock or really know much about it but i installed afterburner and while i was using the sliders i put the core and shader clock to max just to see how high it would go. i then went to go click reset (to put it back to the original numbers) but hit Apply by accident. the screen then bugged out a little bit and my system reset itself. i just want to know if that little mishap could have damaged my card.

MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II
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  1. Why don't you try to use the system again to check it?
  2. well it seems to work fine but Im afraid i might have damaged it in a not immediately noticeable way
  3. Usually it's not enough to damage the card (I did it already some times when trying to OC)
  4. awesome, thanks for reassuring me.

    I won't be trying to overclock until this card starts becoming too old for games!!
  5. It could have, but we don't know. Only way to know is to test it out.

    EDIT: i see I'm slow. anyways, overclocking to extend the life is a perfect plan. No reason to overclock now if you are happy with the performance.
  6. No worries at all...You just set clocks higher than the voltage the card was running could handle so you crashed. If you jacked up the voltage to something crazy, i would say,ya, maybe you hurt your card. You did zero damage buy upping the clocks and not the voltage.
  7. ^ that is your answer
  8. No DAMAGE RELAX!!!!
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