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I recently bought this AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card for my computer off, about 2 months ago. The day i got it I installed it into my comp. and it worked amazingly. Untill two days ago i would be playing a pretty demanding game and my screen would randomly mess up like 1 half of my screen would switch with the other half or my screen would go all grey lines, and somtimes all black. I would normally have to reset my comp to fix the problem. Only happens when im playing this one game havent tried out others. So i took the card out and the problem has stopped. Im using a 585 watt power supply with 2 LED fans. The temp of the card would average out to be around 38C to 44C never higher then that and my cpu would be around the same. I was using an hdmi hookup but switched to a vga cable but the porblem still happened. Am i not getting enough power to my card and have i caused perminate damage?????
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  1. What brand of PSU do you have? What game is it you're playing too?

    I have a 6850 and i know rarely it will start to fliker when i play BBc2.
  2. Im playing World of Warcraft.. and im not sure on the psu ill try to find it.
  3. HEC 585W Orion Power Supply is this what you were looking for?
  4. Download MSI Afterburner. Stress test it.
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