Can a Replacement Graphics Card Kill the Video Output on Motherboard?

I have just replaced a 256mb AGP X8 card with a 512mb AGP X8 one. Now I just get a long beep repeated and no screen output.

I have..

Gone back to the old card without success

Used another card I know to be working. Again, no output on the screen.

Taken the cmos battery out for a few minutes to reset the bios. No luck

Moved the bios jumper in case the above didn't work.

Unplugged everything not needed. No luck.

Tried the ram in all combinations and on their own. And used different working ram. no go..

Posted on here....

Could it be that the 512mb graphics card has somehow damaged the motherboard, at least the part relating to the graphics?
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  1. Don't know the answer but really are anxious to hear the answers.

    I have maybe the same problem with my son's pc. Got it second hand, put a gt330 in it. Thought allreday it was broken, when i booted i got a long sets of ticking sounds and after a while it switched to the on board. Worked a while in windows, than restarted with the bad gpu in it so i could have a look at my bios. Got in Bios for a sec or 5 than the picture got completely teared and unreadable and after that no picture anymore even if i reboot. :(
  2. Firstly, you wrote "video output on motherboard". I take it you mean there is no output whatsoever, but the monitor is connected to the VGA (not an onboard VGA output).

    Secondly, AGP has several voltage keys, do AGP the connectors on the card match exactly? Since you mentioned they are both 8x, they should both operate at 0.8V, but maybe the first one was 4x/8x operating at 4x (speculating here).

    If something on the motherboard got damaged, that would be the southbrigde controller, but I find it quite hard to happen. Have you double-checked the monitor and cables?
  3. Yes, I've tried a different monitor and cable but no output on the screen.

    The computer fans start up as does the fan on the graphics card, so power is getting to them but that's as far as it goes apart from the long beep which repeats after a few seconds.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the connectors on the card matching. There's not a lot I can do to check anything.
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