Pinnacle PCTV Stereo V 5.9 Driver+Application Software Required

Dear all

I have this Card and this CD.

have a look

The software CD has recently been damaged due to inclement weather condition. I am not sure about the exact model name of the card. Please let me know from where  to get the driver  and application for it?? 

its  PINNACLE PCTV Stereo  41004434  v. 5.9 purchased in 2005
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  1. HI Newcomer

    I got the Rave, but running it on Win7 64bit now.

    Which OS you running at the momment?

    FYI Pinnacle studio not working on Win7 (crash .exe report)
  2. Lol sorry read wrong name, new here to.

    Sorry JNathan
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