I have a problem with my computer, and i have no idea how to fix it.

Hi, i have a really annoying problem with my computer, or games for that matter. If i play games like League of legends and World of warcraft, in league of legends the game suddenly freezes and i can't reconnect until the next day, it stops responding. When i play World of warcraft the game has quick little flickering it's like i scroll in and out as fast and i can. I have no idea how to fix it, because i am not very good with computer.

My specs are:
Nvidia GTX 460 1gb Physx

Amd phenom II x4 955

Kinston valueR ddr3 1333Mhz 4gb

MSI 870a-g64 socket-AM3

Please help me.
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  1. You have a pretty good pc that should be able to run those games no problem. But...what resolution are you playing at?

    Have you updated your gpu drivers? Have you OC'ed your card or your cpu and if so, did you test for stability?

    How are your temps? Find some programs like Realtemp or hardware monitor to check the temps of your components. I use EVGA Precision to check my gpu temps. This should help you get started troubleshooting some issues.
  2. I am playing 1920x1080, no i have not OC'ed my card, and i don't know how to test for stability :) Yes i have updated my gpu and my temps are around 30 degrees celcius.
  3. reinstall your OS this problem is because of viruses.and some viruses can't be eliminated with anti-virus.
  4. I just formated my whole computer to factory standard because of this problem, but once it was done i still had the same problem
  5. then there is a problem in video card try with different card...
  6. I was thinking about returning it to the company i bought it fromm so i might have to do that...
  7. I don't know about LoL, that seems like a network issue.

    But I remember I had something like that happen with WoW. I think it was mouse related not GPU. If you have an aftermarket mouse like a Logitech make sure you have it up to date with drivers/firmware etc.

    Also, it could be that you installed some apps that run in the background and mess with it. Could be your antivirus or maybe some program your PC came with. It seems you probably have a prebuilt (factory standard?) and very often they install a whole bunch of stupid crap software that can wreck your PC experience.
  8. I will try with a new mouse and update my drivers, but i had the same LoL problem at a couple of my friends house, so do you know how i fix it?
  9. snorre95 said:
    I will try with a new mouse and update my drivers, but i had the same LoL problem at a couple of my friends house, so do you know how i fix it?

    my friend its only GPU issue just try with another GPU and see what's going on...
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