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hi i want to build a gaming pc by myself using some parts from my previous pc so i dont need parts like

- cd/dvd readers
- a case
- mouse
- monitor
- keybord

and i've got a powersuply of 850 w ( dont know the model)

so basicly i need a new motherboard, ramm , 1 or 2 graphical cards ,processor and maybe something else :p

i have about 1200 euro to spend ( can be less )

it should run the newest games on max quality

i would love to hear your opions and i appologize for my bad english
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  1. i5 2500k
    AsRock Z68 Extreme 3
    Corsair Vengeance 2X4 Gb 1600Mhz low profile
    On the GPU and on your budget you can get a powerfull Nvidia 580GTX , but 570 is good to and is less expensive.
  2. why would an i5 be better then i7 ?
    and would it be possible to combine 2 570 or is that pointless ?
  3. i did some more research this is my build so far :

    GPU: 2X EVGA GeForca GTX 570 or
    2X MSI n570GTX twin frozrIII

    or is it better to have 1 gtx 580 ?

    RAM : corsair vengeance 2X 4 gb 1600 mhz or 1866 mh need an opion on that

    MOBO : Asrock Z68 extreme 3

    CPU: i7 2600k 3.4GHZ or i5 2500k 3.3 GHZ still dont know wich one

    and do i need an SSD ??

  4. i5 2500k if its just for gaming. i7 uses hyper threading which won't help much for games.
  5. also 2 gtx 570's will be much better then one 580. however you could get the 580 and possible get another one later. i have 2 570's myself and they max everything out at 1920x1080 and thats even with mods added to the game which make it more demanding. playing crysis 2 with a few mods the lowest fps i saw was in the 40's. otherwise its 60 or higher
  6. thanks alot that really helped but i think iam gona take the i7 because besides gaming i would love to photoshop or 3D render a bit but gaming would still be the main purpose for the pc :p

    anyway what kind off system do you have with those 2 570's ?
  7. okay updated set up :)

    MOBO : Asrock z68 ex 3 gen 3 $112

    CPU : intel core i7 2600k $320

    RAM: corsair vengeance 8GB 1600mhz $47

    GPU: EVGA GeForce gtx 580(fermi) $500 eventually X2

    SSD: OCZ agility3 120GB $ 167

    HD: western digital 750GB $129

    total : $ 1285 = 1000euro

    case (own) :
    dvd/cd reader (own) 2X LG's

    PSU: its an OCZ i think 850W or 750W but its 3 years old should i get a new one ??

    are all these parts 100% compatible and will i be able to max out everything? :)

    and is it hard to configurate 2 gtx 580??

    thanks alot :)
  8. blackcrawler said:
    PSU: its an OCZ i think 850W or 750W but its 3 years old should i get a new one ??

    Nvidia calls for a "Minimum System Power Requirement" of 600W on the specs page for the 580, and they say it draws 244 W. You should be OK until you SLI (if it's not too long), when you'll want to refer to Nvidia's SLI PSU chart, which will have you in a 1kW.
  9. what i have.. mobo- asus p8p67 pro
    cpu - i5 2500k overclocked to 4.2
    gpu - gigabyte gtx 570 (2)
    ram - 8gb corsair vengeance
    optical drive - lg blu ray
    hard drive - wd caviar black 7200 rpm
    psu - 800w corsair
  10. one 580 should be able to max everything out or atleast come very close. if you plan on getting 2 580's then i would look into a 1050 or higher wattage psu. make sure its from a good name brand such as corsair, cool master, sea sonic
  11. ok finall build :

    MOBO : asus p8Z68-V/GEN3 ( the asrock isnt that easy to find in belgium :p)

    CPU : i5-2500k ( budgetcut :p)

    RAM : sorsair 8GB (2X4) 1600 mhz

    GPU : evga Geforce GTX 580

    SSD: OCZ vertex 3

    HD : seagate baracuda 1TB

    iam going to buy tomorow so could any one plz give their thumbs up for this build :)
  12. looks real nice except for psu. just get a good name brand 1000w or higher if planning on doing sli. otherwiese 850w i think would be plenty
  13. take that back... you could probly even get a 750w psu if using just one gpu
  14. ok thanks all ;)
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