Will a AMD 6770M a good graphic option for laptop

I want to know about the graphic chipset in laptops.(AMD 6770M)
There are many laptops with the integrated graphics and some with AMD or NVIDIA.
Are they good for playing games or the are just on par with the integrated graphics .The amd 6770m i saw in a HP laptop in a store with an I5 processor and priced around 52,000 INR. (little expensive almost $1,000)
Will a lower graphic chipset be ok for a laptop which is less expensive?
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  1. The 6770M is a pretty decent mobile graphics card (playing games on somewhat lower resolutions with some details lowered). Below is a ranking of graphics cards by tiers- the 6770M isn't very high, but you may not need a whole lot of power. It will be significantly better than integrated graphics, so if you play games it'll help quite a bit.

  2. Thanks beltzy, i saw the list and think it is enough for moderate gaming.
    But would more ram be better than some good graphics( low graphics chipset and like 6gb ram) for a laptop. And In which case laptop would be called a MULTIMEDIA Laptop?
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