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Any recent news on the fate of Ivy Bridge - Enthusiast/Extreme chips for desktop, other than the announcement that they may be "delayed"? I'm just curious as I already purchased my SB-E processor, but I wasn't planning on swapping it out for a potential IB-E counterpart (even if they end up making such a thing). What I am more directly interested in (as I haven't yet purchased socket 2011 motherboard) is if Intel has any plans to release a new chipset (much like they released Z68 after H61, etc.), or if x79 is the only chipset there will ever be for socket 2011, besides the server chipset for Xeon processors.
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  1. there is no immenient news of a x79 replacement release, and given mid 2013 as ivb-E i wouldn't expect any news. if you already have an SB-E chip then get on with it.
  2. Oh, it's on! I'm going to be building this one out a little slower (month or two), so I wanted to make sure I was getting a mobo with the latest BIOS, etc. I was actually looking at the AsRock X79 Extreme lineup - kinda like that sound card....
  3. Intel hasn't said anything about an IVB-E chipset, but the smart money is on LGA 2011 being used for it as well.
  4. We have just released server boards in single and dual sockets that are using socket 2011. In the past we try to give server products at least a 2 year lifespan for business planning. Based on this information and the fact that the 2011 replace 1366 which was also used in a server platform and had a long life I would say that you should expect to see an enthusiast x79 chipset based boards for some time to come.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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