New BF3 Benchmarks For Low-End Cards!

Alright, just for kicks I have benchmarked a Radeon HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 graphics card for comparison to the new cards.

Resolution 1440x900

Settings: Low
FPS: 70-80

Settings: Medium
FPS: 40-50

Settings: High
FPS: 10-25

Settings: Ultra
FPS: Around 5

Just goes to show that with a cheap budget you can enjoy console graphics on BF3.
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  1. 1) Consoles don't run at 1440x900, they are 720p.
    2) Consoles don't run at 70-80 fps, more like 30 fps.
    3) Even low graphics on PC are probably still more complex than console graphics.

    Evenly a lowly 5670 PC is WAY better than a PS3 or Xbox360.
  2. And even though the consoles are sending a 720p signal, on this game its actually 512p upscaled to 720p. Yuck.
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