GPU Crash on Game, now nothing on Boot

Hey All

Need to tell a story. I built a comp with an MSI 6870 and got it posted, working fine, and playing SWTOR and other games.

I had an extra 6870 (Sapphire) and installed it with my crossfire cable. Installed drivers, etc. and everything was fine. I wasn't able to play anything on it (SWTOR, Witcher 2) because I removed my wireless card to fit the new GPU.

I was able to run 3dMark on with the new crossfire, but on the final test, the program stopped. Computer was fine otherwise.

Now I went out to buy a USB wireless adapter, and in the interim, my Bro removed one of the cards and plugged the Wireless card and try to boot up SWTOR. I should mention he was able to boot Windows, internet, etc. But when he tried loading SWTOR, the screen went black.

It has stayed black, and wont boot regardless of which GPU is plugged in (I tried each combination of cards, and all of the output slots).

I should note im running a 600w PSU which is the minimum for this set up, but like i said, before Bro went in a switched out a few things, the comp would boot fine.

What broke?

BTW, if you know the Motherboard I've posted, the indicator LED's (red lights) hang for a bit on the Boot (Sata) led.

Did we ruin the MotherBoard?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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    At this point, it is time to break everything down to basics.

    Try to boot with a basic system

    -cpu + fan
    -1 stick of memory(remove all and reinstall just one, strangely memory seems to be easy to disturb on some boards)
    -Video(just one)

    No need to have the hard drive(s) or optical drive(s) or any card readers or other usb devices connected.

    This is to see if a basic config is working.

    If it does, add parts back(boot into the bios, then if it gets there just power down and add next part), ram last.

    What power supply do you have?(600 watts does not tell me how much 12 volt goodness it has)
  2. Not sure, it's a modular corsair 600w

    I tried that, but with the Satas connected.

    You think if I reset the bios that could help?

    I did try one stick of memory.

    Let you know what happens.
  3. camelpolo said:

    You think if I reset the bios that could help?

    It would help if you told us exactly what you mean by "won't boot" - just how far it got. From your original message I couldn't even tell whether it powered on or not. Since you mentioned resetting the BIOS do you mean you can get to the BIOS screen or do you mean using the jumpers on the motherboard to reset the BIOS?
  4. Sorry, I meant that I am getting nothing on power up.

    All components turn on, but I get nothing on screen, no post or bios.

    The boot led hangs on the mobo, which would normally just flick on then off.

    Tried set up with bare min plugged in. Only gpu, CPU, ram, and keyboard.
  5. This is all set, turns out the brother killed the last Mobo when he messed with it.

    He bought a new one, and now it runs fine. Thanks for the help.

    Upgraded my PSU too :)
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