Windows 7, enabling a Homegroup PC to edit/save on main PC

Hi Again,

Probably a very simple solution for this but can't seem to figure it out.

I've got 2 computers running on Home, Abdul(Main) this is my main computer and TEST PC(TESTPC-PC)

I added TEST PC(TESTPC-PC) to the Homegroup and I think it asked me for the Homegroup password which I entered. Now the computers are visible from both sides.

Most of my files are on Abdul(Main), when im on TEST PC it will allow me to open and copy documents from MAIN. I can even use the printer attched to Main it prints fine. However it wont allow me save/modify/edit document/pictures etc on Main from TEST PC. Its says

You require permission from Main\Abdul to make changes to this file.

Its the same from on the other computer

You require permission from TEST PC\TESTPC-PC to make changes to this file

How do I sort the permissions out so I can edit/save/delete/rename from both sides.

Regards Abdul
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  1. Have you enabled file sharing on the relevant folders ? Go to My Computer and view the folders you want to share and right click on them and follow the options on sharing and security. See Windows Help on your computer.

    I would turn off Windows firewall on the computers until satisfied that everything is working.
  2. yep Thanks for the info, sorted
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