New Build RAM Help, DRAM LED light flashing red, not porting to monito

Hello everyone, I need help with starting my computer and porting it onto my monitor. I have set up all the components in the case properly and is all running
I built a computer and its my first build.
The components are:
Asus p8z77-v lx motherboard
8gb Corsair Ram 2 x 4 GB DDR3
Intel core i5 3350p CPU
Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2gb OC edition
Corsair 500w power supply
half a gb hdd western digi caviar blue

When I turn the Compter on it runs fine all fans working but does not post to the monitor, I am running it through a HDMi, all fans and components are running and mainly all looks good, The problem is that the DRAM LED light is flashing red, When i Hold the MemOk button for 3 seconds it turns the computer off. I have checked that the RAM is fully clipped in over 10 times and have took it out of the slots and back in.

I need help on what to do and how to fix this problems as I have ran out of ideas and the asus helpline was dreadful and blamed my monitor.

Thanks for any upcoming help I will be very grateful
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  1. try reading the mb info..ser# the end of it is the bios rev of the mb. the mb needs bios 0610 to post with your cpu. you can also try posting with one dimm in any slot.
  2. there is 0610 on the motherboard, and i have tried it with one ram in one slot, nothing is working. Tomorrow I am going to take it all apart amd test each component. Im really stuck for ideas
  3. if your ram is the new 1.35v ram and not the older 1.5v ram is may be the bios needs to be updated for the newer ram. have you tried another stick of ram???
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